Find your fitness!

Let me help you make a lifestyle change!

Island Life Fitness

Together we can make it happen!

How can I help you find your fitness? I will work with you to design a program that you can stick with to create a healthier lifestyle. I will look for ways to make exercise a priority for you and something that you will enjoy and crave. Together we can make a change!

Who am I?

My name is Katie Frank.  I train clients at the beautiful and historic Royal Roads Recreation Centre. I am passionate about fitness and the benefits of it; I am not an athlete, a competitive body builder or a bikini model. I am someone who has experienced weight gain and struggled to take it off for years. I found exercise to be very therapeutic and stress relieving. It helps me to feel good on the inside and outside. After being dedicated to fitness for over 10 years, and experiencing the extremely positive benefits that physical activity has had for me, I want to use my passion to help others enjoy their life and health as much as I enjoy mine! 

I am a registered fitness leader with BCRPA certifications in Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Personal Training. 

I am also a certified Level 1 nutrition coach, through Precision Nutrition. 

Let me help you reach your goal!

Exercise feels good. It should be fun, invigorating and rewarding. It can be challenging and exhausting but the long-term effects will far outweigh the temporary muscle fatigue, or breathlessness. I can help you learn which exercises will be the most effective to meet your goals and teach you how to do them correctly and safely. Whether you want more confidence at the gym, or if you want more intensive training with periodized programs, I can help you.